Saturday, November 30, 2013

Almost done!

Sometimes a challenge can be a great thing! Although the borders aren't done, the rest is!!. Yaya... Without the challenge,, it probably still would have been just a couple of fourpatches and some stars..
But here it is! I am especially happy about it because when I started out quilting I decided that every tenth quilt would go to charity.. And this is it! So it is nice that it is almost done.. I decided to set the stars on point since I have never done it before!

I am so excited that it is almost done!
It has been a busy thanksgiving week! We spent our thanksgiving at church where they had a great meal set up for the military :)
Yesterday we got new smartphones! Yes I have now entered the 21st century lol..

This morning the boys helped my husband make pancakes.. wow they are growing too fast!

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Well I had hoped to have more done on my challenge quilt. The truth is I had a physiology test this week and inlaws visiting ( the sewing room doubles as a guestroom). I did however finish 6 more stars
 and the bow ties are coming along ( this is what I make of my leftover scraps)
I am hoping that my cathedral stars will be done in time for the new mystery quilt!

 I also couldn't help but buy some fat quarters from the downton Abbey fabrics! aren't they gorgeous??
 I think they would make a great swoon! ( yeah I know I just finished a swoon! maybe a smaller one?) As always my ideas are greater than the amount of time that I have. But hey, a girl can dream.
Well time to get back to my lab report.. Who would have thought there were so many ways a person could have type B blood... ( yes I have now made 4 schedules for type B heterozygous blood and just realized I need two more... gaaah lol) I do enjoy physiology though..

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The worst Halloween ever! and quilt progress

I have been working along on my Cathedral stars quilt and I have about a third done I think. It is coming along well. My friday morning quilt group voted unanimously on the first option. The original pattern ( found under free patterns on Bonnie Hunters blog) calls for the second setting. Well I still haven't made up my mind! But the good thing about laying them out two times is that I found a goof! ( can you spot it?)

The error is small it is one of the half square triangles that is turned the wrong way!
Would have been frustrating though!.
In other news: James wrote his name! and Trick or Treating was cancelled!
The reason? James bit his brother! I had warned him not to hit his brother, but I suppose biting is a whole different deal! I felt really bad that he wouldn't be able to go trick or treating and even worse when it took us a long time to get home after a lot of marine corps related errands ( my husband had to pick up some stuff for a uniform inspection. Either way James said that it would be the worst Halloween ever, but after we got home we handed out some candy and went over to our neighbors who were screening a cartoon on their garage door, and james got to trick or treat at our neighbors house. It didn't turn out as bad as expected.