Saturday, June 22, 2013

Finally some quilting!

This week has been all about chemistry. The summer semester is always intense, especially when a lab is required. But hey, I am 1/6th done!
Well yesterday I got some much needed relax time! My friend and fellow quilter Sandy recently purchased a longarm quilting machine, and she graciously invited the whole quilt group to her home so that we could try it out!
I was very pleased with the results, and it was fun too! We also had a potluck lunch on her deck and it was delicous.
Some other great news are: I am getting my own sewing space in the house! ( well in the guestroom behind the garage, but that doesnt matter a bit to me) The whole thing came about after I bought a roll of 25yds of batting ( the stuff that goes in between quilt layers) After playing around with it my husband asked me where we would put it. Now, there just isn't any space left, at all! Sooo my husband suggested that we do some quick fixes to the guest room and put a table and draw an extension cord out there!! yay! My very own sewing space. I can barely wait to make it my own happy pink sewing space!!
Lindsay working on her basket table topper! Those blocks are 4" yikes!
My Christmas wreath!
Sandy and JoAnn trying to decide on the best pattern for JoAnn's shamrocks, below is the finished quilting on my wreath! Holly berries!


Lindsay's baskets getting quilted! :)

Friday, June 14, 2013

on a good note!

We got our dog back.. The catch?  Well he got out of our backyard and got put in the pound.
Yepp our dog now has a mug shot!

This is the picture that was posted on their website, and apparently he now also has a new alias. Eddie! lol.
We went and got him today and it cost us a whooping 170$ , good thing he is so cute. He was pretty excited when he saw us after a night or two in the pound.
Others than our dog mishap I have been enjoying summer break! Quilting along on a Halloween quilt ( got the fabric on sale after the holidays) and catching up with friends.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


We spent about a week in Colorado after school got out. ( got an A in math by the way :) It was nice and relaxing, and the view can't be beat. I just love those Rocky mountains!
We got to shoot the pistol that I gave my husband for his birthday, and it is not as hard as one can imagine after some practice. The uphill climb up there was quite the feat though!
At that altitude even running after the kids is a workout, but I suppose it is a good one for me ;).
I also got to see my nephew for the first time. He is a very calm and cute baby.
As far as quilting goes, well I did some handstitching but I forgot my applique glue soo I had to tear it out and re-do it when I got home. I did however get to go to a quilt shop! I just love quilt shops they are so cute and quaint and people that work in them are always nice ( who wouldn't be, seeing as they are surrounded by fabric every day!)

The cousins playing on the porch!
A little slice of paradise, Estes Park CO.
My ongoing quilt project! trying to use up some scraps and some fabrics that didn't quite make it into a quilt!