Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How do you do traditional, when you don't know the tradition?

So, it is the week to be thankful here in the states, and I am going to make a turkey. This will be the first time for me, I have convieniently dodged this chore for the last 8 years. The first couple of years I didn't celebrate, and then my husband was in Iraq. The next 4 years I spent at my mother in laws,I pulled the foreigner card, and got to do odds and ends ( like making shaped cookies).Last year my husband made the turkey. And so we come to this year, I will have to do it myself! And it isn't even for my kids, they are little and probably wouldn't remember. It is for me, I have come to like Thanksgiving, turkey,gravy and pie.
Well on thursday I will be bringing out the baster and stick my hand in the turkeys butt (oh I am sooo hoping there will be no guts in there!)
Wish me luck!

Eli's newest obsession is to put on my shoes and walk around in the house.
 James wearing his toy boxes.
 My craft table aka the kitchen table(lol) Working on some stars.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Just one of those days!

I woke up this morning feeling under the weather! I had kinnda suspected that I was a little sick, but ignored it.
Well today I couldn't ignore it anymore.. I was super tired! Well, can't call in sick. I tried to stay up best I could.. but I was not paying as good attention as usual. This resulted in brown sugar being poured on my carpet in the bedroom. So I grab the vacuum and start vacuuming, as I grab my attachment to get the corner I realize there is very little suction left! Uh oh.. I empty my vacuum, but still... can't get the last bit up! Well I need to clean the hose out, but its dark outside so I can't get to my garden hose and power spray ( my solution for most things lol) So now I have to try to get it up with a broom.. not fun.. Well I think I got most of it up. Tomorrows project: clean vacuum hose. Should be interesting.. Usually something I have my husband do. There are lots of things that I never thought I would add to my resume of things I can do. But after 3 deployments, countless marine corps schools and field trips I can say that I truly am more well rounded. I have learned how to clean horse stalls, change my car battery, jump start my car, avoid flooding (it happens more than one would think) pull a horse trailer and mow a lawn ( although most ppl would call it a patch with some grass on it).

Here are some mugs that I have been making ( they are going to be mug rugs!) from the bee in my bonnet row along.
Also finshed my pumpkin wall hanging (needs quilted though)
And I made another pillow cover to match the Eiffel tower pillow cases

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dear Mr President

Today is election day. It seems as though more people care this time. Don't get me wrong, I care. Still can't vote though ( haven't made the leap to become an American citizen) Although I would love to go on and on about how I want the economy to change, spending to decrease and export to increase, there is really only one thing I want.
Bring back ALL the troops. Not just part of them, that will just increase the danger for those still over there.
We have sacrificed so much, please let this be done with!

 My husband in Afghanistan seeing Eli for the first time 4 hrs after he was born
James and daddy
meeting Eli for the first time...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

When you aim for superwoman and end up as cookie monster.

Last night was Halloween and I had great plans to be Super Woman. However I could not find my costume!! I had worn the shirt on sunday for a pumpkin carving party and apparently it just vanished! So with a Batman (James) and a Robin (Eli) I would have to be cookie monster. It was the only thing I could come up with about half an hour before we had to leave.
I found myself thinking about how true to life this scenario was, I always try to be superwoman but end up being more like cookie monster. I find that most everybody is chasing that superwoman ideal, the "I can do anything and have my hair done". And when we fall short we get discouraged. Not realizing that what we are striving for is impossible. Most women that I talk to say the same thing, I want to feel useful and make money. But at the same time they want time for their kids and a better education. Sure, sure this is all possible.. But not at the same time,, ( unless you want a heart attack).
Either way, my goal is to try to embrace my inner cookie monster and do the best I can do...
This week hasn't been as crafty as I would have liked it too.. A math quiz and a math test made sure of that,, And then ofcourse Halloween.
But I did manage to have time to make these!
Two Eiffel tower pillow cases, I have had these planned in my head for a long time lol.. But I had to order a fabric that would match because the blue didn't go with any of my million choices at home lol..