Tuesday, April 30, 2013

He is home!

(This post is actually from mid april just forgot to post) My husband that is! The re-adjustment has gone well, which is a big relief. It is a lot harder than people imagine to re-adjust after 6 months with a combat deployment. But I think that after having done this so many times we have developed more patience and a bigger understanding for eachother.
Eli and James are overjoyed and it has helped Eli's speach a lot. He follows his daddy around everywhere and want to do everything just like him. :)
I have been able to squeeze in some sewing as well. Tried my hand at some 4" baskets.. well... I need to re-do 2 of them. But I will learn from my mistakes and re-do them...
I am also working on a baby quilt! It has been so much fun that I am thinking about making another one.

Exciting news!

I have been taking a breather! And it has been nice to just focus on family and fun! We got some fun news a week ago! We are moving to North Carolina in dec or jan. I am excited for many reasons. One I can actually apply to nursing school there, two it is more of a country setting which I think is better for the kids. And three houses are waaayyy cheaper there.To most moving is scary and uncomfortable, and probably about a week before we move I will freak out lol. And ofcourse I will miss all the friends that I have made! You guys rock! :). But I have learned that change can be good and home is where you make it!. After all I moved halfway across the globe 9 years ago ( oh my time flies!)  This past sunday I spent painting :). We were helping out for weekend of service. What is weekend of service you ask? Well it is a weekend that our church spends helping out in our community! I love the opportunity to help out.
 Yepp! we painted this. ( For a while I thought I wanted to be a painter. Well... After having painted my livingroom when I was in my early twenties I decided against it!)
 red binding for my heart quilt! I love it!
The monster!! As I like to referr to it.. The biggest quilt that I have made so far. Need some borders and then it is off to the quilters.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter has been a whirlwind! I drove to Vegas wednesday after class. About an hour into our trip I hear a thudding sound. Not good!
So I get off the freeway and make it to the march airforce museum parking lot. It takes about me getting out and looking at the tire to realize I have a flat. Although I could probably fix it seeing how I have had more flats than most people ( I know there is such a thing as rotating tires and not driving over curbs) . But I decide it is better to call AAA, now here is the thing I don't have a smart phone. Well good thing I have friends that were around before the massive invasion of these devices that have common sense. Well after calling my friend she kindly suggests 411.
This little adventure cost me 3 hours and about 300$ but after that I was on the road again. Vegas was a blast and we spent a day poolside with my inlaws.
On the way back the freeway stopped so I rolled down the windows as we watched the police helicopter circle above us. The guy in the car next to me started talking and I found out he had lost three months wages in Vegas. He said we were unlucky to be sitting in a traffic jam especially since I was going all the way to Oceanside ( he was representing LBC). It was then that it hit me. We weren't the unlucky ones. We were sitting in our cars on our way home. The sirens from the ambulance was for someone up there. Someone that was truly unlucky.
Also I realized that ten years ago I would have broken down and cried about the flat tire.. But this mama grew up and learned to deal with most things.

My handsome easter boys going to church
The easter bunny left some stuff ;)