Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It is almost march and let me tell you, I am sooo ready for this month to be over. Although short in days, the latter part ( ie this week) has been trying for me.
Seems as though things multiply in my house, and monday was stressful to say the least. I had a math test and could not find my calculator. Then to top it all off James threw up in the car. I was worried he had gotten sick and tried to call my mil to ask if she could take him. But there was no answer, James claimed that he was ok and I ended up dropping him off in childcare. Then I went to get a calculator,, I got a bright yellow one lol ( the only one that they had left) The math test went well and James didn't throw up in daycare. So I suppose the day ended well.. Just exhausting.
Also Eli has started throwing things in the trash :( .. well it is good as long as it is trash.. But I now fear that he has thrown a giftcard and some fabric.. Well good thing he is cute as a button!
So bring on March! Only 2 months or so before my husband gets home. Needless to say I have started planning my homecoming outfit. Well here is the thing.. I have made some MAJOR fashion faux paus! ( or however that spells, french never was my best subject) When my husband came home from Iraq I decided that wearing ALL white was a great idea.. yes I was wearing white from head to toe.. white pants.. oh my! to top it all off I got badly burnt. So I was all red. Well last time I decided to wear something more neutral.. well it didnt look good either! I don't even want to see the picture. It just wasn't flattering. So this time I am planning on wearing a kneelong jean skirt. But who knows at the very last minute I might change my mind and decide to wear skinny jeans and a bright pink moto shirt with unit logo! ( please someone stop me if I suggest it!)
So here is what I have been up to!

James blanket is almost finished :) putting on the trim ( ie the binding)
 Working on a Christmas wreath, gots to finish that bow
 James and Eli getting balloon animals! too cute.. although they lasted for about an hour..

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A little of this and a little of that..

So what have I been up to?
well, a little of this ( I actually do not make flips on the couch just on the floor lol)

I suppose a little of this
And Eli has been up to this! ( smelling flowers )
And when the kids finally fall asleep..
some sewing!
Also on my schedule has been, torturing myself on the treadmill, trying to figure out why the further you get in math the less numbers there are ( just x and y and m gah!)
Did squeeze in some time at the beach and mowing the lawn ( we do have one, it is about 15x20 ft ;)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines!

How does one celebrate Valentines when husband is deployed? Well.. there is ofcourse a lot of candy involved.. a glass of whine, some sewing and music..
But best of all.. there is flowers sent by a loving husband! :) with chocolate aaand a Teddy bear!! ( Chocolate not pictured as it is already eaten ;)
The day was pretty uneventful, went on a playdate this morning and then decided to stay in my home..
Nothing worse than canoodeling couples when you are not one of them..
But I forgot to buy potatoes ( if you are Swedish this seems to be a life necessity therefore I had to leave my house!) Others than that all went smooth,, surprisingly the two boys fell asleep early..
I had this great idea of making a heart wallet.. well the pattern was no longer there.. so I improvised.
Not my best work, but I do like it. Sure can come in handy!

Besides it looks much better when Oscar ( the Teddy) is posing with it!
I hope all of you had a nice Valentines! I had my little Valentines boys which sure was nice!
James even drew me a picture with a rainbow :)


Wednesday, February 6, 2013


It's been busy over here. I like to keep busy and be out and about, it has always been my personality. So I am happy, but tired.
I am finally getting to some of the stuff that I have been procrastinating to do.. Tomorrow I head out to the stables to get the horses hooves trimmed. The very thought of 1600 lbs of goofy horse scares me. Although he likes me because I mostly pet him and give him carrots. Either way: it is getting done!
Also we have a house guest. She is brown and brindle colored and goes by the name of Gracie. It is my mother in laws dog. She is fairly easy compared to the man dog aka Cash.
Eli loves to lay on her which she doesn't seem to mind too much.
Also I got 100% on my math test.. yeap that is right! My math teacher is amazingly dedicated to math and learning which makes it a lot more fun.
Others than that I just keep "trucking" ( sometimes literally ;)

My question: is this border a good choice? it isn't sewn on yet just layed out.

 James going to pre-school. so cute in with his little backpack
These hearts have been soo difficult ( I know they may not look it but these are like a thousand pieces that needed puzzled together!!) But it is nice to be challanged, to see where I need to improve :)