Thursday, January 31, 2013

spring in CA

It will be seven years this month. That is since I first met my husband. It was a blind date set up by friends and we met in the McDonald's parking lot. One of the first things I noticed, well actually the second thing (the first was that he was very polite and held the door for me) was that he had a big blue truck. It was shiny and clean and I sat way high so that I could see much better than from my old saturn. Later I came to name the truck Jake.
Yesterday I headed out in Jake, I did what my husband normally would do, lowered the windows and played some country music. It was a great day for cruising :).
Tomorrow I welcome feb! over halfway done with the deployment and well on our way into spring. The oranges on my tree are starting to get ripe now (which as well as a blessing is a big headache as there are literally a thousand oranges on that tree.)
The boys can be out in the yard which they sure enjoy, jumping on the trampoline and playing in the sandbox, doghouse or planters.

Others than welcoming spring I have been captivated by a book about Tasha Tudor, and ofcourse working on my heart quilt.. As you can see its a work in progress lol.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sew or sleep?

Why is it, that it is so hard to finish something that is almost done? Is it because, in your mind you have already finished it? Or because it is nice to have a project that is familiar instead of a brand new one?  This is a question that I ponder as I am sitting in front of the computer with an almost done quilt for James on the floor. Well all I need is to finish the border and then it is off to the quilters so maybe I should get to it huh?

On the other hand this looks like a good option too! ( I will keep you guys updated on the choice lol)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The buttonhole

It all started with a buttonhole, or rather the lack of one. I had made a baking apron for James and was about to add some buttons for the strap that goes around his neck ( he has a very large head so he needs the buttons.). I sat in front of the sewing machine and started to look for a button with a tight zig zag, to my surprise nothing that I tried worked out! It was then that I realized that the one person that could help me, couldn't help me anymore. My grandmother, she used to be a seamstress, and was the one that made me think that buttonholes was something you whipped up in a minute. I had watched her many times. My grandmother has Alzheimers now and I live in the U.S so I can't run over to her place. I can't sit down in front of her old singer sewing machine and whip up a button hole.
It was then that it hit me. I had to learn as much as I could from my other grandmother before it was too late. So I made the most out of things this Christmas. We baked cookies and I started a stitching project.

This is my grandmothers button box! It holds many treasures that are now mine :)

And this is our newest group project in my quilting class! It is going to be a nice heart quilt for Valentines.
Sorry about the bad quality of pictures. But the blog won't let me load any pictures :( So I had to use my webcam

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hello (yes I'm still here)

I would like to start this blog post by saying Hello from a snowy Sweden.. But, the snow melted
So instead I will say Hello from Sweden!
It has been a whirlwind so far, Christmas, family,good food and snow.
I am sure that it will all find its way to this blog when I stop and collect my thoughts.
But for now I will leave you all with this picture