Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wednesday challenge!

So the results are in :) I had hoped to get all the scraps cut down but that didn't happen. But sometimes it is a good reminder that this is a hobby and I quilt because I love to!  This is what I did do!
 And these are the scraps still waiting to get cut :). To be fair I did get a lot cut. I had two bags and extra when I started
And this smile makes it all worth it. Little man is going to preschool in a month,  he needed a quilt and a pillowcase and minions are his favorite :)
Pattern moda bakeshop (modified) and fabric one in a minion.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Progress? Yes!
I have been slowly cutting away and although it might not seem like less I actually managed to fit all my small scraps that have not been sorted into one plastic bag yay! My trusty helper felt like I needed to cut some more however and helped me get some out ;)
So here is an easier way to see my accomplishments so far! Here are my scrappy tumblers last week I had one row
 And theses are my 1.5" projects estimated time of completion 2032 lol
So back to the cutting mat! And the organizing!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Time to tidy up!

Since I had my adorable baby girl I haven't really had time (three kids will do that I suppose ) Either way the scraps have been piling up. Unsorted and un cut! Well Jo issued a challange to finish something up, and I accepted!  My goal is to cut as much as I can up into tumblers and 2" squares.. and some 1.5" too!
 That way I can tackle my projects!
 And organize my closet
 With the assistance of my supervisor :)
 Wish us luck!