Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It is the little things...

It is the little things in life, that makes it so wonderful!
My husband has been on post deployment leave for about a week now, and we have been busy doing fun family stuff!
Today we packed the truck up and drove out to palomar mountain. It is a nice hideaway about an hour away from where we live. The air is clean and the trees are tall.. and it is quiet!
A place where you can take a deep breath and enjoy life.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Spending some time with the little man!

I am spending some time with Eli tonight, the reason being big boy and daddy are at a truck race. Eli is still too little to go. He still tried to put his shoes on to go with them, but after waving goodbye he was quite alright with getting all the attention. And needless to say he is enjoying playing with whatever toys he wants. We made a pillowcase for big brother ( yes he helped! putting it on his head and being silly counts ;) then we danced, played cars and firetrucks and cleaned.

 Eli playing by the pillowcase we made! James was a good boy at the fabric store so he got to pick a fabric for it :)
There was a fabric sale today! :)I got the 4 fabrics on top.. I wanted to make a quilt out of the light pink and grey but I don't think they have enough contrast.. so I was inspired to buy the darker pink from my friend Lindsay who has been working with this color in class, and her project is looking so gorgeous!