Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Time flies!

Is it just me or does time go by faster the older you get? As a child it always seemed like forever until my birthday or Christmas. Nowadays it seems as though I can barely keep up!
Either way I have been keeping busy. Mostly quilting ;). But also doing some fun stuff with the kids and ofcourse kept busy asking my math teacher a million questions ( God bless his heart he has so much patience)
Me and the kids went to queen Kalifas magical cirlcle. It is a beutiful sculpture garden in Escondido. But given the weather in Escondido I only go in winter or early spring ( I am still Swedish after all and I don't like it over 90 degrees F. and 100 makes me think I am dying!)
While in Kit Carson park I found a park bench in memory of a woman. Well that is all nice and dandy but her name was written right where one would put ones bum. Now,, hmm I don't know if I would want a park bench in my memory so people could rest their bum on me lol. But to each is own. Ofcourse I didn't know this person ;).

I love these mosaics in Queen Kalifas magical circle!
A pincushion that I made. something pink and happy!
My past time while watching the kids run around the house having a race ( adding the binding)

Remember those Christmas quilts I made? well there were some left over halfsquare triangles. So I made a tabletopper. The blocks are tiny at 3".( kinnda makes me a little bit dizzy)
Eli's little hand reaching for some of the mosaics created by Nikki Saint Phalle

Thursday, March 7, 2013

the big uh oh!

Tonight it happened! James blankie that he got as a baby melted. ( you ask yourself how?) well,, James thought that his room was too bright so he covered up the nightlight with his blankie, which in turn melted.
James was devastated once he realized that it might not be fixable. So I had to try. Well I cut out the melted plastic part. and then I sewed on some minky fabric that I had ( I use it for backings for my kids quilts!)
So now I have a happy big boy again! Hopefully blankie will be around for many years to come.
Others than blankie disasters not much have been going on.
 Yesterday I thought I lost my bag ( come to find out it was hidden under some fabrics..hmmm should I join fabricaholics anonomys? lol) well I almost couldn't pick my kids up at daycare because I didn't have my military ID which I needed for paying. Well they are just the sweetest people and let me pay on friday. Also I called the lost and found of the police department before I found my bag.. Yeah I am pretty embarassed now,, But oh well happy that I know where my bag is. And Oceanside PD are very nice!
Spring is here! This is my peach tree isn't it pretty!
And here is my latest project.. tiny little pumpkins.. They still need binding ( the outside edge)