Friday, August 23, 2013

summer wrap up!

I am sitting down! (Just for a minute though) Today is the first day of normal lol. School has started again and I am heading to quilting class in a few. But oh my did I have an eventful summer :). After chemistry was over my mom came to visit. We did legoland with the kids, went to the beach and after that I went on vacation!! Yes that is right, me and my mom went to Portland, Oregon for some well deserved rest. Although it was hard to leave my babies I enjoyed every minute of sleeping in! We walked and walked and walked (it is a swedish thing) . We shopped til our hearts were content and we ate meals at restaurants without kids climbing around in our laps yelling in our ears and running off. ( I do love my little rascals though ;)..)
We also saw the Multnomah falls which were just beautiful. And admired the early 1900's houses.
But now I am back and in two weeks Eli is turning 2... Yikeees!
Well James just informed me that his toy shark needs breakfast lol..

 The easiest way not to loose kids at legoland? bright orange shirts!
 James rode the airplanes :)

Eli in duplotown!